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Satgurunatha Gnananandha Saranam Saranam Gurudeva  !Satgurunatha Gnananandha Saranam Saranam Gurudeva  !

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was blessed to have been born in the family of bhagavatha and this gave him the privilege of learning music from his early days. He learnt music since his childhood days from his mother and later from Shri B.M.Sundaram, a great musicologist of Thanjavur. His elder brother Thanjavur S.Subbaraman was also a renowned bhagavatha and a good dancer, who trained Jayaraman in this field.

His Guru is H.H.Swami Gnananandha of Tirukovilur whose divine grace befell Jayaraman to aspire in this spiritual growth.

It is worth mentioning that he was the first bhagavatha to go abroad in the history of Traditional Bhajan groups to perform Sri Radha Krishna Kalyana Vaibhava on the foreign soil and in the course of time there were many to add to this number.